Menu Plan Suggestion

This menu plan is designed to help you in your own home. Selected here are some of my favourite items for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner including Desserts and Snacks. Keep in mind all of these items are low in sodium, fat, sugar and cholesterol and high in whole grains, fruits, beans and vegetables.


  1. HOT CEREAL – Oatmeal, Oatmeal Supreme with nonfat milk and fresh fruit
  2. COLD CEREAL – Shredded Wheat with Bran, Nutri-Grain, Crispy Brown Rice with nonfat milk or fortified soy milk and fresh fruit
  3. VEGETABLE OMELET – using egg whites or EggBeaters or Tofu Scramble, with low sodium whole grain toast, nonfat yogurt and fruit
  4. WHOLE WHEAT BAGEL – with nonfat cream cheese or ricotta, nonfat yogurt and fresh fruit


  1. HEARTY SOUPS – (watch salt/sodium content) Salad – with fat-free dressing and a Baked Potato
  2. WHOLE WHEAT PASTA – with low sodium marinara sauce, Salad with fat-free dressing
  3. WHOLE GRAIN SANDWICH – 100% whole-wheat, no salt added pita bread with lettuce, onion and tomato. Add – tuna salad with nonfat mayo, no egg yolk. Tuna packed in water, no added salt. Or add grilled chicken or turkey breast with mustard. Salad with fat-free dressing
  4. VEGGIE BURGER – with slice tomato and onion. 100% whole wheat pita bread (no salt added) Bun or Bread with low-sodium Vegetable Soup and Salad with fat-free dressing


  1. FRESH GRILLED FISH – Steamed new potato’s or brown rice, broccoli, spinach or other steamed vegetables
  2. VEGETARIAN TURKEY CHILI – Brown rice, baked potato, corn tortillas, salad or steamed vegetables
  3. GRILLED SHRIMP AND VEGETABLE KABOBS – Brown rice, baked potato, steamed vegetables
  4. GRILLED TURKEY BREAST – With  mushroom gravy (low sodium) roasted red potato’s and steamed vegetables
  5. FRESH SALMON – Poached or grilled, steamed vegetables, baked potato or brown rice


  2. BAKED APPLE (with cinnamon)


  1. Raw Vegetables and Fruit
  2. Low Sodium Soups
  3. Baked Potato or Sweet Potato
  4. Baked Corn Tortilla Chips with fat-free bean dip or salsa (low sodium)
  5. Popcorn (air popped or fat-free microwave)