Cardio – 60 Minutes

I am up very early this morning, the direct result of too much thinking about being at home and the urge I have to pack up and depart right now is stronger than ever.

Starting my day off in the gym, weighing in at 242 pounds and enjoying the look on Scotts face as I am down another two pounds for a total loss of 104 pounds. We both agree that things are working out pretty good with regard to my total weight loss of 104 pounds.

The ARC Trainer session begins after my breakfast with a solid sixty minute program consisting of an interval session which is easy as my stride feels nothing more than natural. The session ends way to soon, I am ready to continue but that abruptly ends when out of nowhere, the decision to pack up and leave is made, I am going home right now!

Just like each week in the past, as I have experienced so many times before, “POOF” everyone is gone and that is now taking place again, except this time it is me.

With my bags packed and on the trolley, saying my final goodbyes to everyone, the journey is ending right now. It is sad to say goodbye this time, I am not coming back and as I make my way through all the departments, giving my final farewell and thanks to all those that helped me through this journey, the sense of leaving is now reality and it could not be any stronger.

The road to the tarmac is finally here, so many times I have taken this trip with my wife only to return down the same road alone, that feeling of sadness is no longer present as it is me who is leaving. I can’t believe it, I am on my way home.

Here I am, sitting on the plane and the door is closed, we are waiting for clearance to taxi as I make my last journal entry, just like that, everything ends at this moment as we start to roll down the taxi way. With my last look out the window, it is finally over and with that being said: