Day 161 – 244 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes

I am sitting here in the gym thinking about my departure this Sunday, it has been 161 days and I am ready to leave. Does it really make that big of a difference if I leave today or if I stay until Sunday?

I need to get moving and make the best of my remaining days here, I can continue the thought process while I am in motion, at least it will be productive thinking as I am burning calories on the ARC trainer.

The sixty minute session is completed, I did not spend a moment of my time thinking about leaving, I just put my head down and got into the rhythm of working out while listening to music. The day is still young, I have nothing planed other than some pool time as that seems like the place to be as the sky is clear and the air is warm.

The day is lingering on and time is moving slowly with my attention span very short as I having nothing planned which is frustrating. As the day continues on my afternoon gym session is non-existent, I have left for yet another shopping excursion to Boca.

Returning to Pritikin, the doorman is not surprised to see the trunk filled with bags and in his usual fashion he secures a luggage trolley and commences the transfer of bags in preparation for the journey down the long hall. I am the first to admit that today was a complete waste of time, I have managed to accomplish nothing and the result is that I am feeling lethargic.

What a day!