Day 158 – 245 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Cardio – 60 Minutes

One week remains, next Sunday I will be departing Pritikin for home.

This morning is starting just before 8:00 AM, I am feeling very energized and ready to get going, the gym awaits my arrival as it is my morning wake up call.

I mount the scale with great anticipation of seeing another loss, it has been a great week and my overall weight loss continues with the scale indicating another one pound loss for the day and the tradition continues.

I have pushed past the one hundred pound mark with a total loss of 101 pounds, it is an amazing feeling to see the loss continue, I just can’t get enough of seeing the scale showing 245 and I step on and off numerous times.

Breakfast is served, the mood is energetic for a Sunday morning and I am feeling fit. James has prepared me a celebration egg white omelette along with the famous double toasted cardboard toast and some very hot salsa as we both gloat over my scale reading.

The gym is empty this morning, the temperature is hovering around the mid 60’s with the air conditioning in full swing. So cold, in fact the ARC trainer looks frosty as it sits idle awaiting my arrival. Some brief hesitation in starting, the chill is not conducive to my usual get up and go, once I get warmed up the session moves quickly and I conclude with this feeling of triumph as my ego continues to grow with my accomplishment.

With my departure scheduled for one week today, this being my last Sunday here, I can’t believe it is nearly over. My excitement to go home is overwhelming, it has been 158 days and it is just starting to set in that I have likely set a record for the longest stay at Pritikin and I would assume the greatest weight loss.

Making the best of my last Sunday, Sandy is departing today which means my final week will be solo and for the first time that doesn’t bother me as much. My plan for today is to drive up to Boca, I have ordered a couple new suits from Neiman Marcus and both need to be picked up from the seamstress along with any final fitting alterations.

It is late afternoon, unpacking my suits and trying them on again, it has been so long since I have put on formal wear, I notice that my tie’s hang perfectly where as prior they were always to short as they followed the curvature of my stomach. Speaking to my wife on the phone about this discovery, she advises me that my closets at home are now filled to capacity with activewear with the bags of clothing I sent home with her. More specifically, she claims that I have 112 Nike shirts, 33 Lululemon shorts and 27 pairs of runners but not a single pair of pants.

With that being said, a quick dinner here and then I am off to the mall in search of clothing other than sports wear.

Tomorrow is just another healthy day!