Day 157 – 246 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes

Saturday morning, I don’t have many of them left here in Miami so my plans are to spend today at the beach.

Starting off with getting my cardio completed, the gym is my daily wake up call, without exercising the day just doesn’t feel right. The scale this morning disappoints with an idle reading, I was hopeful that I could squeeze another one pound loss in to break the 100 pound mark. Not this morning, the downward slide has halted for today and rightfully so, it has been a solid week of loss and I am not deterred by seeing yesterdays number again.

I am showered and my back pack is stuffed for the departure, I am ready to leave with one last stop to the kitchen where James has prepared me a huge garden salad with grilled chicken and enough fruit to open my own stand at the farmers market. My plan is to set up directly behind the Canyon Ranch Hotel, my usual spot which is also directly behind my cousin’s house, so all things considered I have everything I could possibly need for a day at the beach.

The beach has its brilliance, I am looking out at the horizon, far East as I can see and the colour of the water is amazing. The white sand is warm to the touch and I am taking it all in, it is without doubt going to be difficult not having  this luxury in my backyard. Never the less the Rocky Mountains are at my disposal and there are many trails that I will be seeking out over the summer, that alone is going to awesome.

The day comes to an end way to soon, the sun is now in the Western sky and it is time to return back to Pritikin. Saturday night, not the best day of the week to be all alone and the drive back gets me thinking about what I want to do this evening.

Dinner is being served, I don’t feel like attending and with before I know it, I am sitting in the sushi restaurant enjoying an evening to myself. Perhaps another movie is the best thing to take up the rest of the evening, heading upstairs to see what is playing.

Another awesome day, tomorrow is going to be yet another healthy day!