Day 156 – 246 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Cardio – 60 Minutes

It is indeed an early morning, so early in fact the groundskeeper has yet to start which means I should still be sleeping. I am however dressed and ready to go, my first stop is the gym scale to see if my loss tradition is continuing in the final few days.

Just after 6:00AM, the gym door is unlocked and I am anxious to jump on the scale to see the reading. I am proud to say that I have lost another one pound and my 100 pound milestone has been achieved.

I am officially 100 pounds lighter than when I first started here 156 days ago weighing in at 346 pounds. 100 Pounds of me is no longer, gone forever and my first thought is to take a walk around the gym with two 50 pound dumbbells. The thought of carrying that much fat around on my body is overwhelming, not sure how it was possible, I struggle to hold the dumbbells and return to the rack. One hundred pounds is heavy!

Commencing cardio before breakfast was a mistake, I am not fuelled up and half way through the session my body just doesn’t seem to have the energy required to work as hard as it should be working. Another lesson learned, in order to perform to my maximum capability I need to fuel up to achieve my expectations.

Sitting down at the table for breakfast, oatmeal and fresh fruit which fills me up and I am feeling much better. The difference is amazing, I keep proving to myself the benefits of doing things the proper way.

Afternoon cardio, yet again the ARC trainer is my start point and the session is by far better than this mornings as my body if fully fuelled. Driving my legs with each stride, my maximum heart rate is achieved and I continue with the interval training until completion.

The afternoon lectures are about to start, I find myself partaking, it is after all about time that I get more involved with the program and I need to attend the lectures that I have yet to partake in prior to my departure. I recall telling myself that I would have lots of time to see all the lectures with my extended stay, the time has come to make that happen.

Rewarding yourself with the knowledge that is available goes a long way. So many things to be learned, even after living the program for so long, the data that is offered in the lectures is priceless, I am starting to think that I should have attended these at the start rather than the end.

Afternoon leisure with Sandy in the pool, floating away and talking up all the different scenarios of my return home, the truth being told, my journey is ending here and realization of going home is starting to really set in. I am going to miss this place and the people who I have become friends with.

A rather quick end to the day with a shopping trip to the mall before returning for dinner with the guys along with a salute to my success before returning to the villa for the evening.

A wonderful day, a milestone achieved and I am ecstatic with my progress as it comes to reality that I have lost 100 pounds and it is a direct result of following the Pritikin way!

Tomorrow is just another healthy day!