Day 154 – 248 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Cardio – 60 Minutes

Another glorious morning here in Miami as I make my way to the gym right on schedule.

My morning scale visit, 248 Pounds which is another one pound loss day over day and the tradition continues and I am loving it.

Breakfast this morning, no deviation from the program and my bowl of oatmeal is topped with loads of fresh fruit and berries along with some bananas and very cold water courtesy of James who once again has taken the liberty of placing waters in the freezer for me prior to my arrival.

The joys of cardio, the gym is filled to capacity and all the machines are occupied with exception to the my ARC Trainer. Not sure why, however as I place my bag on the table and get set up to rumble, Sandy steps onto my machine in hopes of trying to take it away from me. Without question, this is not permitted and I direct him to his treadmill which is next to me we both commence our daily ritual of working out hard.

Today is my wife’s last day here and as we prepare for her departure this marks her last visit to Miami as I will also be returning shortly thereafter. Packing things up, I am sending multiple bags with her on the plane in attempts to reduce my baggage load which is going to be in excess of ten duffle bags of clothing and assorted possessions that have been accumulated over the past several months.

I am getting a sense of my departure with all the packing, I am starting to wonder what it is going to be like, waking up at home and not following my usual schedule that I have set for myself here. I am going to need to adapt, both to the climate and my surroundings not to mention my healthy choices in an uncontrolled environment.

Enough thinking, to many thoughts going through my head and my suggestion to leave the villa and make our way to the pool is welcomed.

Cardio this afternoon, trying to keep myself active, the pool was great but not very useful in the way of burning calories. The ARC Trainer is once again my choice of the day and sixty minutes is concluded with ease and finishing just in time to meet my wife for a quick trip to Bal Harbour for the afternoon.

Another day is completed, my wife’s departure early tomorrow morning is bringing my mood to sadness and as I prepare myself for the final two weeks I am glad to know we will again be together soon.

Tomorrow is just another healthy day!