Day 153 – 249 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Cardio – 60 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes
Aqua – 45 Minutes

Another lost pound brings me to the next milestone, I have broken the 250 pound barrier and am closing in on 100 pounds lost with just 4 more to go. My motivation level is the highest it has ever been and I feel fantastic.

Morning breakfast and cardio is on schedule, my morning weigh in has me exactly where I need to be as my thought process is all about me being in control and nothing can stop me. Oatmeal and berries along with some nearly frozen bottles of water are the perfect ingredient for starting the day.

ARC Trainer, no substitute and the session goes along smoothly for sixty minutes with no hip pain or discomfort, just lots of perspiration which is a direct reward for the hard work being performed as I push through the program with tons of leg power.

Finishing up in the gym just after 9:00 AM, time for a coffee down the street at this little coffee shop that I found serving some of the best brew ever. The down side is that the amount of cream used in the coffee was sufficient to qualify itself as a cheese burger in total fat and calorie count. Never the less, it was fantastic and made my morning as I sat back and enjoyed the morning sun on the patio.

Feeling guilty with my consumption, a thought process takes place each time I deviate from healthy choices. I should return and do another cardio session but that did not happen as the pool looked much more attractive than the cool interior of the gym.

Spent the lunch hour with the boys at the community table, rather than remaining for an extended period of time partaking in conversation, I made my way back to the gym for a session of cardio prior to my scheduled weight lifting session with Pedro.

It has been some time since I have last really had a good weight lifting class, today is the day to get back into it and surely my muscles will be feeling the pain of the recent recess. Pedro is working me hard, no mercy and the plates are stacked and the exercises come fast and furious with little to no rest in between sets as we are circuit train for sixty minutes.

Leaving the gym, my arms feel slightly longer and thicker from the increased blood flow, I am already feeling sore in my shoulders and chest. Perhaps stopping in for an aqua class will be a nice recovery.

Working the aqua class with great efforts, my arms are tiered and the warm water makes me feel sleepy however Ivan’s constant drill like instructions push me through another class and in the end, it was the best thing for me as I no longer feel the soreness in my body, that will come later tonight.

Dinner this evening is in Hollywood, we have been invited to a restaurant with a number of other guests by Linda and with that being said we need to get prepared early as the drive in rush hour may keep us from arriving on time.

It was a great night, dinner was very healthy with selections of greens and seafood, not a single poor choice and I am feeling completely satisfied and have no regrets which is usually not the case when eating out.

Tomorrow is just another healthy day!