Day 151 – 250 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes

Sunday, with most of last weeks guests now departed and an abundance of new arrivals, its time to go upstairs and see them all wander around in awe with what they are about to embark on.

I have lost yet another two pounds, this is amazing and the weight is falling off of me this past week for no apparent reason other than my body is completely in tune and working for me at last. I am starting to wonder if my reduced weight lifting is the reason, perhaps but I am not looking that far into it as whatever is happening is terrific.

Calculating my weight loss to date, I am down 96 pounds in 151 days and I would have never thought that was possible. I am a different person, everything I do just feels different and seeing myself in the mirror is like seeing someone else. I believe that if I take anymore selfies that I will have a record number photos of myself, I just can’t believe it and I am the happiest guy around.

Breakfast this morning, sitting at the table with some new guests and the topic is about some guy here who has lost an abundance amount of weight and has been here for months. Not saying anything other than smiling and wondering who that would be, I continue to fuel up and prepare myself for some morning cardio before my wife and I make our way out for the day.

Starting off in the gym on the bike, still not wanting to chance anything with my hip, which is feeling good so far today. The session goes rather quickly as I make my way through an interval session at level 20, the highest setting on the bike. Not pedalling all that fast however I am pushing through the turns with great effort as the pedals feel like I am pushing cement.

Thinking about my core, I have been off and on with Camille for the past month, sometimes pushing it hard and then for no reason, just not doing it at all. I need to get back on that wagon and start working harder, my mid section is the last part of me that still remains thick and I would like to see it develop into a washboard.

Dressed and ready for something, just not sure what. We are leaving the resort with plans to make our way over to Bal Harbour, perhaps some shopping and lunch. I am in need of smaller bathing suits and from the look of things in my closet, some smaller everything. My shorts are huge, I am constantly pulling them up as my waist shrinks.

Aside from that excursion, we have no other plans for today other than just spending the day together and out and about.

Tomorrow is going to be just another healthy day!