Day 150 – 252 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes

Saturday, the weekend is here and the sky is blue and it is looking to be a perfect morning.

Breakfast outside on the patio at Starbucks, a fresh brewed coffee and my not so healthy bagel with cream cheese is the call of the morning. That is the call my eyes have made and not my better judgement however after last week performance, this is what happened.

Moving along from the patio back to Pritikin for some morning exercise. My hip is feeling way better and with the past few days of recovery things feel as if though a morning session of exercise would just make things even better than they already are.

Starting out on the bike, the pedalling is easy as in it feels that I am stronger than ever as with each rotation my legs want to work harder. Loving the feeling and taking full advantage of it, I manage a solid sixty minute weekend ride.

Staying away from the weights, I just don’t think that moving excessive plates of steel today are in my motivation book with my wife looking ready to move on somewhere more conducive to a Saturday morning in Miami.

Perhaps the beach, that is my preference however it appears that we are going to Boca to visit with my nephew and spend the day with him which is fine by me.

Driving up the Turnpike with the top down and the fresh humid air running through my hair, I am thinking all about how great I feel and how I have wasted so many years of my life being so unhealthy and unfit. The feeling of being fit is overwhelming, you can’t describe it.

Returning back to Doral in late afternoon, nothing much planned for this evening other than perhaps dinner and a movie.

Looking forward to another healthy day tomorrow, I am one happy camper!