Day 149 – 252 Pounds

Treadmill – 15 Minutes
Swim – 20 Lengths

Friday morning and I am down another 2 pounds which is awesome, the thing I don’t understand is how I can plateau so many times and go so long with no weight loss and then have a week like this, the scale just keeps dropping.

My wife arrives just before noon today, doing my best to get things completed before leaving for the airport and that means starting off with some ice therapy before breakfast.

Feeling pretty good in the hip area so far this morning, my morning stretch did wonders and the ice therapy really hit the spot. Sitting at the breakfast table and not having the need to move around in my chair to get comfortable is a huge improvement and perhaps today is going to be a good day with no discomfort.

Returning to the gym after my morning oatmeal fuel stop, thinking that a slow walk on the treadmill is going to be the best place to start. I got distracted with another 30 minute session of ice therapy and more stretching. It feels as though I am delaying the exercise and using the ice therapy and stretching as a delay tactic. I am finding that taking things easy the past few days is impacting my get up and go attitude, albeit just a thought that quickly passes before getting up and making my way to the treadmill.

The slow walk is tedious at best, it keeps me moving and each stride is more of an effort than running, the lack of increased heart rate or that feeling of exertion is not present and the session is not going well. Fifteen minutes feel like hours, time to move on to something different.

I am headed to the lap pool where I can increase my heart rate and virtually remove all the pressure from any of my joints. Starting off with some floating, zero gravity and my body is completely relaxed. Swimming with reduced leg movement is near impossible but a great upper body workout and my heart rate is escalated to near maximum.

With the great decision to swim this morning, I am feeling refreshed and ready for another  Game Ready session before heading to the airport and then spending the day with my wife at leisure.

Looking forward to a great afternoon and another healthy day tomorrow.