Day 146 – 258 Pounds

My mornings weigh in gives me another one pound loss and I will take it. I was truly thinking that another plateau was underway and I proved myself wrong. Likely a direct result of yesterdays massive exercise sessions.

Sad to say that last night was awful, I had the worst sciatic pain that I have ever had, likely another result of all the exercise yesterday. I ended up taking medication twice through out the night and am now sitting at the breakfast table like a complete zombie.

First things first this morning and that starts with some ice therapy before driving up to Plantation to see a Doctor that was suggested to me.

Chad Franks, Osteopath spent a couple of hours with me, the entire time while being examined I only had one thought on my mind and that was can he fix me and what is wrong within my body that is causing this total discomfort.

X-rays have failed to show anything abnormal, they indicate nothing is out-of-order, perhaps my pelvis is slightly tilted up from the fall and the best he can suggest is a heel cup in my right shoe which will bring me to a level playing field by tilting the pelvis up. We spent some time being adjusted, nothing of magnitude other than the odd twist and shout when the pain became too much to handle. I did get two injections, lower lumbar and my piriformis which immediately subsided the pain however that is at best temporary.

Feeling pretty good on the drive back to Pritikin, I can’t actually feel anything and for the first time I am very excited. No pain, will it last forever or is this just a release for a few hours, either way, time will tell and for now I am taking advantage of feeling good as last night and this morning were something I don’t wish on anyone.

As for today, the day is not for exercise nor anything else that will require any specific movements. Being pain-free for the afternoon is a gift from above and I am being cautious with everything including shoulder checking on the freeway.

My bad for making a poor choice, I did stop for a coffee on the way back and then for dinner ended up going out to Anthony’s, I however did keep my dinner clean with nothing more than a big bowl salad of which was epic.

Scotty has left me a voice mail, my Game Ready has arrived and I am looking forward to having it with me wherever I go, just in case ice therapy is required.

Spending this evening in the villa, taking it easy and resting well in hopes of another healthy day tomorrow which is going to be pain-free!

I love Miami, end of story!