Day 145 – 259 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Cardio – 60 Minutes
Cardio – 60 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes
Aqua – 45 Minutes

Not surprised with my morning weigh in, I have become use to seeing it remain the same for days on end. The positive note to that is, it continues to drop and not go up.

I spent most of last night thinking about my final weeks here and what I was going to do to make the most use of the program and my continued weight loss. With more lectures to attend, I will gain the knowledge and put all that I learn to great use. My increased exercise regime should be easy, I have done it before and in reality I have all the time in the world to make it happen as I am here just for that.

Starting off with the recumberant bike this morning, sixty minutes of cruising along and I admit it really feels like the lazy man’s bike as the effort is not overwhelming at all. I find myself at level 15 of 20 and the interval program is rather simple with three minutes off and three minutes on repeating itself over and over. Certainly the best part of the machine is that I have no stress on my hip joint and other than just sitting and pedalling the workout is nothing more than average.

Finishing up with the bike and ready for more, I move over to the ARC Trainer and commence another session of sixty minutes. It is slightly awkward to go back to back, the hip pain is evident however it is just part of my regular routine and with out question, I continue forward with my exercise.

Lunch is being served, my requirement for fuel is present as I am feeling hungry. The table is filled with guests, all new and as always the chit chat is all the same as every week. Ignoring the desire to sit down and spend an hour at the table, I grab a solo table and fuel up accordingly before making my way back to the gym.

My planned schedule is for another three sessions of activity and with Pedro scheduled for weights at 2:00 PM, I take to the recumbent bike for an afternoon cruise. Again, nothing much in the way of being an epic workout however the peddles are spinning and the calories are being burned up.

Three hours completed and the time has come for my session with Pedro. We start our session out with arms followed by shoulders. We are moving very quickly around the circuit, seems like he is in a rush but in fact it is just part of the circuit training that we are doing. The class ends before I would have expected it to, my body was very much in tune with lifting today and I was ready to do more however his next client arrived and was not interested in having another join his session.

Looking for my last activity for the day, the aqua class is about to start and I am not feeling like getting into the pool. The mind is active, the mind is telling me what to do, the mind already is aware that the schedule has been set and yet it still makes every effort to redirect me away from doing more.

Forcing myself to get into the pool is easy, the thought of jumping up and down and swinging my arms is not. Regardless of the thoughts being generated, I need to do it and prove to myself that returning to five hours a day is just part of my training. After all, it only took five or ten minutes to drum up the energy required to get my engine running and before I knew it, the class was well underway and I was moving to the beat and causing big waves and wild splashing. A great class, both refreshing and proving to be well worth the effort, I am exhausted and ready for a quick cat nap in the late afternoon sun.

Dinner this evening is at the community table, the best place for me to be as we spend a few hours chatting and laughing with Sandy leading the table to another epic evening of comedy and conversation.

Ready to retire for the evening, surfing online and I can’t believe that I just took the liberty of booking my return flight home, wow it feels strange to think I am going home. At the same time my wife is set to return late Thursday night and I have booked Prime Italian for my birthday, which will serve as my celebration of age and accomplishment. Looking forward to another healthy day tomorrow!