Day 144 – 259 Pounds

I can’t believe it, 144 days down and the final furlong is here.

The past few weeks have been less than impressive both in performance and overall discipline in my opinion. Although I have been in plateau mode for sometime, my weight and body continue to change which is all good, I am just not getting to where I want in my overall progress.

I am very mindful that it has only been 144 days and my progress to date has been fantastic, but it is just is not good enough for me. My hip / sciatic are still a major concern, my body is battered and sore without question, however working out is now the normal protocol with or without the pain. Exercise is easier than at first, yet it still remains a challenge with the pain and I need to continue pushing. My motivation level is the highest it has ever been, but I still have more inside me to give and I need to capture that power and reach out to my target.

Things need to change in the final few weeks, I need to push harder and reach deeper inside me in hopes of reaching that gold medal. I am using all of my efforts today, planing and researching the alternates within the exercise department. I have discovered that the recumbent bike reduces the stress on my hip-joint while offering an intense workout. This can be added to my program with ease, the spin cycle class is another alternative that will work with my schedule. The more I think about everything, the options are clear that everything is here within my reach, I just need to follow through with it.

The plan is to achieve five hours per day in activity with a mix of cardio, weights, aqua, stretch and everything else I can take full advantage of here at my disposal. That all sounds great and is completely achievable, my only concern with the plan is my hip and its ability to keep me in the game. If I can keep that pain in control, I should have no issue with accomplishing the task at hand.

In a way, it is sad to be saying that my journey here is coming to an end. In reality it is, the time is near and soon my daily routine will change back to reality. My new life is fast approaching with being at home and I am very excited, both for myself and my family.

Sunday, a day of rest and a day of many thoughts.