Day 143 – 259 Pounds

Saturday morning and things are looking pretty good for an early rise. The greens keeper is mowing the green this morning and the lawn more he is using sounds broken as it has woken the entire building up with its constant back fire.

The scale is reading an even 259 pounds, I have no doubt that it will be a few days until I see it move lower, not that I am planning anything different, it just seems to follow that process as we get down to the final furlong.

My day is ready to start, breakfast this morning is as usual followed by a trip to the Sports Authority and Nike and perhaps a brief stop at Nordstroms before heading to South Beach for a day with my cousin on the beach.

Shopping went well, new runners and more clothing for my new size and the selections are all new with the spring lines now fully in stock. The greatest part, I am buying my clothes off the rack and the thought of special ordering or having to search for stores that carry my size is a very distant past and I will never return.

Driving over to Miami Beach, traffic is horrible with either an incident or an event as I sit on the bridge for well over an hour in standstill. Getting cranky sitting in the car, I am glad to finally arrive albeit way behind schedule.

Setting up on the shores of the Atlantic yet again, love the white sand and clear blue water. The tourists are flocking to the beach with the weekend in full swing, great to sit back and watch.

With most of the day concluded, I really did nothing in the way of exercise other than walk around the malls. The intent was to run on the beach, that never took place and in the end I really feel the difference between being active and not so active.

Feeling lethargic and ready to get out of the sun and mother natures sandbox, I depart and make my way back to Pritikin to join Sandy and some other guests for yet another weekend dinner somewhere near Ft. Lauderdale.

Unlike last time, my thoughts are not so much on what I will order as my mindset is just on attending and eating healthy and making today another healthy day in my new lifestyle.

Looking forward to this evening, I am ready to depart.