Day 142 – 259 Pounds

Cardio – 120 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes
Swim – 10 Lengths

Friday morning has arrived, I am ready to start my day and as usual my first stop is the gym for my morning weigh in. I step onto the scale, I sense another reading of no change this morning, I am seeing 259 which means a one pound loss, the plateau is broken.

I am excited about my one pound loss, I am elated the plateau has broken, I am now under 260 for the first time in who knows how long.

Sitting at the breakfast table, thinking about my 142 days here, I don’t recall the scale ever going up since I started this journey. I however clearly recall the number of lengthy plateaus, more so the plateaus that have been happening in the last couple of months.

Starting today off with a healthy breakfast of oatmeal and cinnamon sprinkled over the top with an abundance of fresh raspberries and a couple of bananas. A true breakfast that can’t be beaten, one that leave you charged with energy and the perfect start to any day.

Treadmill, my starting point, one hundred and twenty minutes of walk and run with a mixed elevation program. The maximum elevation setting is gruelling, the power from my legs is drained with each stride, I continue to climb step after step. I am thinking about the mountain trails at home, those trails through the rocks that rise in elevation with each step and how I will tackle that challenge. I snap out of my day-dream and I am still on the treadmill but my thoughts are still on those trails.

For lunch today, I have a bowl of Farmers Salad, with tons of fruit from the buffet table. The intake of fuel is much deserved, the workout this morning has my quads twitching and I am actually feeling drained from the session as I slowly consume every bite.

Keeping up with the momentum from this morning, I find myself charged and ready for Pedro who is eagerly awaiting my arrival with a smile. We started off with the free weights and worked ourselves around the matting,  grossing today a total lift weight of 44,550 LBS. The session albeit hard, felt great as my body is performing those lifts with robotic precision. I can actually feel each muscle contract as I lift, I am controlling each movement like a robot.

Feeling pumped up and with the pool looking very refreshing, a few laps to both stretch out my body and cool off is the best call of the day. Sitting on the deck drying off thinking about my weight and how much more I want to lose before I return home. I am wanting to reach the 220 pound mark, that leaves me another 39 pounds to lose which is frustrating as my journey is almost over at Pritikin.

Feeling frustrated with the thought of having another 39 pounds to lose, my thought process changes over to my current achievement. To date, in 142 days, I have lost 87 pounds, this is something I would have thought not being possible in such a short amount of time.

My commitment to lose 100 pounds in six months is nearing, with that being said my focus remains on losing another 13 pounds and then I can look at the next challenge to reach my goal weight. I must remain diligent, have faith in my efforts, the challenge is small compared to the one at the beginning, I am determined.

Meeting Sandy tonight at the Doral Raw Bar for dinner, I must remain in control and make smart choices. Planing my meal in advance seems to be part of my past addiction, why am I thinking about food hours before sitting at the table, I find that strange. Why not just go for dinner and without question, just know that ordering healthy choices is what you do. Think about your body, don’t order with your eyes.

I did well with my choices this evening, lots of bottled water and a huge field green salad along with some cold seafood. The temptation to order poor choices was clearly on my mind however I continued to remind myself of todays thoughts at the pool and remained true to my plan and kept it clean.

Sitting on my lanai, enjoying the warm breeze with many great thoughts running through my head, I feel great and I have achieved so much, I can’t believe it as I smile to myself and turn in for the evening.

Tomorrow is just another healthy day!