Day 140 – 260 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Weights – 30 Minutes
Cardio – 20 Minutes

Strange morning, I woke up at 12:30 AM and was certain it was time to get up. With it not being anywhere near that time, I went back to sleep and ended up sleeping a little later than normal.

Having breakfast very late this morning means things are not as fresh as usual. Trying to calibrate myself to the late hour, I am finding it difficult to get on track with things and I am rushing to get into the gym in hopes that some morning cardio will wake me up.

Interesting sight for me in the gym upon my arrival. The ARC Trainer which I use every day, in fact for the last 140 days is occupied by another gentleman. In total frustration my first thoughts are that he will need to move to another machine, but in reality that is just a thought.

Being that I prefer to work out on the same machine, I approach the ARC Trainer and advise him, jokingly of course that he is on my machine. I was surprised with his rapid answer, he suggested that I was wrong and correctly advised me that it was in fact his machine. I rebutted immediately and corrected him, it was in fact mine.

The gentleman that was on my machine was finally introduced to me as John Aglialoro, Chairman of Cybex International, the maker of the ARC Trainer. Indeed some very interesting conversation took place after that introduction.

Still not being in the right zone with my late morning start, I find myself driving over to Starbucks for a late morning coffee. Feeling very off schedule, I need to return to Pritikin for a quick weight lifting session in an attempt to get my blood flowing and energy levels back to what I consider normal.

Lunch time has arrived, the morning is gone and I am completely off track. Sandy invites me to join him at the eight top and the festivities commence and remain fully engaged during the entire first hour of my arrival. Skipping out on the afternoon weight session with Pedro, I already performed the task on my own and have no interest in doing another, I remain at the lunch table for another hour participating in the table festivities.

Feeling very lethargic now with the extended lunch and late morning start, I am thinking that perhaps another quick session of cardio well get my clock ticking. Sadly enough the session ends quickly, it does not jump-start me at all. With that being the tone of the afternoon, I have left in the car headed towards Aventura for an afternoon of just walking around the mall.

As the dinner hour approaches, my thoughts are that I should return to Pritikin for dinner. The drive along the freeway is relentless with afternoon traffic, as my turn off approaches the thought of returning does not appeal to me and I continue on towards The Dolphin Mall for dinner at the sushi restaurant.

Not feeling very good about my choices today nor how it played out with the late start, I refuse to let it get to me and decide that today was just nothing more than what it was and that tomorrow will be another healthy day.