Day 139 – 260 Pounds

Cardio – 120 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes

Another weigh in at 260 Pounds and after such a great day yesterday, I was counting on seeing a loss this morning but the scale remains the same.

Breakfast is followed by cardio and today rather than entering the gym, I have decided to head outside for another run around the golf course. The crisp morning air is remarkable, it is chilly yet the perfect temperature for a run and it is the call of the morning.

Circling the first nine holes, I am able to get my heart rate up enough that I am in cruise control mode. It seems that my stride is going well, things are working for me and the further I get along, the more I want to continue without stopping. It feels as if though I am able to continue on and I do just that. Completing the 18th hole for distance, the green now being me  and I am still moving along strong. I pass the clubhouse and exit the property along the main drive and continue along the street passing Starbucks and continue along the roadway.

My heart rate monitor is showing me that my average heart rate is hovering around 145 BPM  and the timer is nearing 95 minutes, I decide that I should turn around and start making the return trip back to Pritikin.

Wow, a solid 120 minute session of jogging, I had no idea that I could go that long and am impressed with my performance. It would have never occurred to me that I was capable of doing this and I am looking forward to making it a regular occurrence.

Sitting back at the pool with some tiered legs and absolutely thrilled with what I just accomplished. The morning aqua class is in the swing of things, I am not joining the class albeit they are pushing for me to get into the pool. I remain in my chair enjoying the mid morning sun, still thinking about my just completed run.

My afternoon is being spent more or less at leisure, my weight session with Pedro was all about arms, the circuit was set and we commenced the lifting however it was not the greatest with my overall performance being less than stellar. Not sure why, perhaps just a change in tempo from this morning. I am feeling overly confident but just not in the mood for lifting.

As the day comes to a close, my legs are feeling todays run and my body is feeling tiered, perhaps a massage would be in order to finish the day.

Feeling overly relaxed from the massage, the evening table is filled to capacity and Sandy continues to entertain the group with hours of laughter. I am feeling tiered and am ready for the evening to end. I excuse myself from the table and make my way back to Villa for a well deserved sleep.

Tomorrow is just another healthy day!