Day 138 – 260 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Cardio – 60 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes
Core – 60 Minutes
Aqua – 45 Minutes

Here we go with a fresh new week in front of me and I am looking for results.

First stop this morning is the gym, weight is 260 Pounds and my weekly measurements are:

Right Calf Right Thigh Glute Waist Chest Right Forearm Right Bicep Weight
Start 17.50 24.50 57.50 60.00 57.50 14.00 17.00 346.00
Week # 19 15 21 48 48 48 11.5 14 260.00
Total Loss -2.50 -3.50 -9.50 -12.00 -9.50 -2.50 -3.00 -86.00

No changes in any of the body measurements, the weight however for the week is down four more pounds which brings me to a total loss of 86 pounds in 138 days.

Starting my day off feeling motivated and energized which is a direct result of my total weight loss and epic breakfast of oatmeal and fresh berries with slices of the best watermelon I have ever had.

Cardio commences on the treadmill with a brisk walk for 10 minutes followed by 50 minutes of slightly elevated jogging at 4.4 mph. I was not certain that my jogging was going to be a success however I put my music on and pushed through to completion and it was gruelling.

Feeling exhausted from the treadmill, a quick dip in the pool and recovery in the sun brought me to the conclusion that I wanted to do more cardio. Returning to the gym for another session, this time on the ARC Trainer for another sixty minutes.

Waiting for lunch to be served, I am needing some fuel and the urge to make a trip to Starbucks is certainly on my mind. Holding out, the thought of a sugary coffee passes quickly and lunch is served.

Spending more than hour at the table, Sandy is back and I am thrilled to have him here with me as I was getting concerned about not knowing anyone and with my wife’s departure I was getting worried about keeping myself busy.

Pedro awaits my arrival in the weight room, we are scheduled to do super sets this afternoon and following that Camille is setting up the floor for our core session, both of which I am excited to do.

Super sets, heart rate, sweat and lots of heavy breathing as we rock through the course utilizing every ounce of energy that I have available. It is a good thing that the basket of fruit sits perched up on the table in the gym, without the replenishment of sweet fruit I may have given in to the thoughts of my mind wanting to quit.

Camille is ready and I am still shaking from the weights and the two earlier cardio sessions. Starting off on the floor with a roller, we are doing sliding push ups which are next to impossible. Adding to the difficulty, we have a peanut gallery cheering me on and making humours comments as I try to contain myself with each exertion.

Twenty minutes to aqua class and I am sitting at four hours of exercise so far today. I am needing to jump in the pool, every part of my body is exhausted and the freshness of a cool dip is my go to place.

Ivan starts up the class and without question my last session of the day is all about burning more calories and seeking that pinnacle moment of absolute exhaustion. It doesn’t take long as we get half way through the class and my arms are just no longer able to push and pull and with that being said the splashing and waves turn to ripples before I completely give in to accepting the fact, I am done!

Moving ever so slow to the lounge chair on my lanai, I am taking a few minutes to ponder todays performance and realize that spending just under five hours in a day doing exercise is remarkable but not normal. Funny thing, is that it feels normal here and I suppose that is because I am here just for that purpose. It is my job, I should be doing another three hours a day to make it eight.

Dinner at the eight  top with the boys, it has been some time since we have all been back together and Sandy is letting it rip with his constant table hosting which makes the night pass quickly and before I know it, I have been sitting at the table for three hours and I am ready for some well deserved sleep.

Tomorrow will be another healthy day!