Day 137 – 260 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes

Sunday morning has arrived and my wife is packed and ready to depart for home which has me feeling a little grey however knowing her return is just two weeks away gives me the assurance I can continue on alone.

Breakfast is followed by some morning cardio. feeling good this morning with yesterdays download day. The power I have in my legs is felt during the session, no matter how hard I push the limit, my legs have more to give and my stride is mimicking an oil well that just keeps pumping.

The time has come, we have to leave for the airport and I am not wanting to see her leave. I really don’t like this part but I have no choice and have to make the best of it. Thoughts of being alone again are running through my head, it is not how I want this day to go.

Driving back to Pritikin all alone, stopping at Starbucks for a coffee only to find myself then headed towards Subway in preparation of another beach day.

That was a great idea, sitting in my chair on the beach watching the waves crash and taking it all in, the tourists are flooding the shore line and the life guards are keeping a watchful eye on those that venture into the torrent of sand clouded water. It is a great day all though I am still thinking about my wife’s departure and my next two weeks all alone.

Returning from a long day at the beach, my skin is overly bronzed and I have sand everywhere including my day pack. Shower and dinner are next up, not feeling like going upstairs and sitting alone or joining a table and not feeling that motivated to go out.

My wife has arrived home and I am planning my strategy for the next week, feeling hungry and not wanting to leave the comforts of my room, it is time to make a decision before my body starts to panic for fuel.

Finding myself upstairs, enjoying a bowl of soup along with a table of new arrivals listening to all the conversation about how excited they are to be starting out here at Pritikin.

Here we ago, another week and another healthy day tomorrow!