Day 135 – 260 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes

At last, another two-pound loss is recorded and the plateau has ended once again.

Feeling a bit stiff in my right hip this morning, likely a direct result of yesterdays run outside and to take all the proper precautions in it not getting worse, I have started my day off with  Game Ready ice treatment.

Breakfast this morning is at Starbucks, a coffee with a whole grain scooped bagel. I love sitting outside on the patio enjoying my breakfast. I know that the choice being made is not the best but some days these things happen for one reason or another.

Being it is Friday, I am looking forward to the weekend with a scheduled beach day tomorrow and in preparation of that, I need to gather some supplies. With morning bagel and coffee completed, the choice is either going to get my supplies or returning to Pritikin for morning cardio, the choice will be made with a right or left turn.

I turned right which means that supplies won over exercise, is this a Friday thing or have I just reached the end of the week? Thinking about it while driving, my decision is that I will get my errands done first then return for exercise, it is now up to me to follow through with the days commitments to myself.

Returning just before 11:00 AM, the gym is not on my mind, I should have known better but I force myself to attend and after a few minutes of getting my rhythm going, the cardio is flowing with energy and I am feeling more energized. Another moment of realization, my day is just not the same without morning exercise to get me charged up.

With the afternoon upon us, we are at leisure and moving with no specific plan. The pool is our boardroom as we make the executive decision on deciding where we should go. The decision is made, Boca and return via Ft. Lauderdale where we will have dinner before returning back to Pritikin this evening.

Well today was certainly a lazy Friday, discovering that my day needs to start with cardio and delaying it for whatever reason does not work for me. That morning exercise blast of energy fires me up and motivates me.

Recording today as perhaps a half download day, tomorrow will be another healthy BEACH day!