Day 134 – 262 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes
Swim – 30 Lengths

Another day at 262 pounds and I feel the best I have ever felt.

In the groove with my energy levels and enthusiasm in full force, a feeling that is (no words can explain it) just awesome.

Smiling away at the breakfast table, a glow is upon me and regardless of any ego, my day is ripe and ready. Fresh cold sliced watermelon, the water content and natural sweetness hits the spot, the grapefruit could have been on the tree for a few more weeks and James’s oatmeal completes my fuel stop.

Started my cardio off with a run outside along the golf course pathway. Strictly forbidden, however so much more scenic than the roadway. No site of security and my exercise commences along the first hole with a brief walk, the second hole is for jogging and the third hole is for running. I used the fourth hole to recover and during my walking recovery, I concluded that I would repeat this through out the 18 holes.

A perfect new exercise, dodging golf cart security and golfers alike the run turns out to be fantastic. With my new shoes and following the instructions the running store provided, I completed the course in just under an hour. Perhaps sounding slow, I did take the opportunity on hole 7, 12 and 16 to do a round of push ups from the bench and sit-ups on 18, where I enjoyed watching the approaching group of four hit the water eight times before conceding to drop in front of the green. The Blue Monster is a great course for both golf and a morning run.

134 days and counting, I am thinking about the end of my journey and am starting the count down to departing. My wife remains with me for a few more days before returning home for only two weeks before returning for another week. It will be difficult to see her leave, but knowing that she will be returning keeps me in tune with my mission.

Marking my afternoon schedule with another solid weight lifting session. Pedro and I have only moved 39,550 pounds, not even close to a record but then again this is just with my arms and with that being said they are feeling a few inches longer than yesterday.

Completing my afternoon exercise, swim laps appear to take over the thought of joining the aqua class already in session. All though they can see me through the window, today is all about being outside and the lap pool is where I am headed. With the pool water the perfect temperature for the first time since I have arrived, swimming is both refreshing and challenging with some very sore arms.

An early evening is what I am thinking, another great day and some rest would certainly do me good. Dinner at the eight top, some good conversation and a perfect end of the day.

Returning to the villa through the main foyer, we detour via the garden and walk to the car. It seems that we just are not ready to shut it down, we are driving over to Coral Gables to Merrick Park.