Day 133 – 262 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Cardio – 60 Minutes
Core – 60 Minutes

Another great morning and I am feeling great which is the most important thing.

The Doctor called this morning and my results have come back negative so all those horrendous thoughts and worries are no longer of any concern. The mind plays stressful games when you allow it the chance and with the good news received I am ready to start my day.

The scale remains idle at 262 pounds this morning, not a concern as I am getting use to seeing  it remain idle for days if not weeks on end and then it just drops.

Breakfast is followed by morning cardio in the gym, which only last a few minutes before I decide to take it outside and take a jog around the property. The run lasts just over sixty minutes and my stride seems to be working well albeit with each stride I can feel some awkwardness in my foot steps. My plan is to stop in at the running store and have my stride reviewed along with my running shoes to see if anything can be used to help me get a perfect glide.

Mid morning sun at the pool is short-lived as we decided to take in the morning lectures. I have been getting a few of the lectures under my belt but not nearly enough for the length of time I have been here. I still have full intentions of seeing them all and with the amount of time I have left here that should not be a problem.

Lunch today is the famous bean burrito and lasagne, not looking very healthy but strangely enough the way it is prepared it is overly healthy. It is by far not my go to lunch however the salad bar is just not that appealing to me today. Again, I have learned that the food is just only fuel and after ten minutes of eating, I am fully satisfied and ready to get my afternoon underway.

First up is cardio, the ARC Trainer seems to be a good start and as always I truly enjoy working out on the machine as it provides an epic workout and before you even think of stopping you have already completed a sixty minute session.

Up next for me is Camille with sixty minutes of core exercises. Today we are starting off with the ropes, we swing these ropes up and down and all the way around. Seems rather simple, let me tell you, it is not so simple. The first set is the easy part, the second is where things start to burn and the third set is serious work. The burn just doesn’t stop, but I continue with my arms  burning along with my mid section. The best part is the whining, I love watching Camille get frustrated with my attempts to circumvent the program.

With the days exercise completed, we are once again departing the resort for Miami Beach for a walk around Lincoln Avenue and Bal Harbour. It is one of the greatest things to do, exercise all day and then go walk around at leisure seeing the shops and people going about their everyday lives.

Returning to Pritikin for a restful evening, we are both exhausted and looking forward to another healthy day tomorrow in Miami.