Day 132 – 262 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes

Another glorious morning here in Miami with the clear blue sky and warm humid air enveloping the area, I love it here.

First stop is the gym, weighing in at 262 pounds and feeling pretty good this morning and more so looking forward to getting some cardio completed.

Breakfast is being served and today James has created me an egg white omelette filled with vegetables and a gigantic bowl of freshly sliced fruit. Feeling completely satisfied, the gym awaits our arrival.

For cardio this morning, rather than doing the ARC Trainer, I have decided to get back on the treadmill. I started off with a brisk walk at a level elevation then started interval sessions with some running and walking before increasing the elevation while rotating the entire process with five minutes hard work and two minutes at a resting pace. My heart rate increases and decreases accordingly with each rotation and before I knew it, the session was completed.

Mid morning pool time, the water is warm and the sun continues to shine down with no mercy. Sitting back and taking it all in, the lunch hour comes upon us quickly and without delay we have left the pool to take our seat at the table.

With lunch concluded, we can either return to the gym or take in another activity. I have a weight lifting session with Pedro scheduled for 2:00 PM which is replacing my core session with Camille as she is away today.

Spending the last part of the day at the pool, the sky remains clear which is a rarity for being inland with the afternoons usually clouded over. We are the only people at the pool which seems rather odd, however I certainly don’t mind the privacy of having my own pool for my exclusive use.

Dinner this evening was quick, both of us wanted to drive into Miami Beach to walk around at Bal Harbour before returning home for the night.

Tomorrow is just another healthy day!