Day 130 – 264 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes

Sunday morning and my morning weigh in indicates that I have lost another two pounds which breaks the plateau yet again.

I am actually surprised that the scale has gone down, the trip albeit brief not give me the best choices for nutrition being on the road and the lack of exercise had me actually thinking that the scale would have moved up or at best remained the same.

What I have noticed over the past months is that when I deviate from healthy choices and reduce my total overall exercise for a day or two my body reacts with a loss of weight. Not sure why, it does not make much sense and I plan on speaking to this with the Nutritionist.

With my morning cardio completed, we are off to the Sony Open for some tennis. The entire stadium is baking under the hot sun and we have lucked out with the best seats in the stadium. Our seats are located right behind the base line with our two seats in the shade compliments of the second tier canopy. I can’t imagine sitting through this match with the sun shinning down on our heads, from what I see, those in the sun are most uncomfortable.

Looking forward to tomorrow and the start of a new week.