Day 129

Key West, Florida is where we are waking up this morning and without question it is our last day here as we prepare to return to Miami a day ahead of schedule.

We just don’t see anything of interest here, perhaps with making the late booking and only being able to secure accommodation at a downtown waterfront hotel rather than one of the Island resorts is the problem.

Taking a brisk walk along the boardwalk to stretch out, we are surprised to see that the Crystal Serenity has docked directly out front of our hotel suite. It must have docked very late last night as it was not there when we returned from dinner last night. Snapping a few photos and looking at the size of the ship while my wife packs the last of our belongings for our early departure.

The drive back to Miami is long, the traffic is heavy with it being Saturday and we realize that it is going to be a long day in the car. With not much exercise this morning other than our brief walk along the boardwalk my body is starting to feel lethargic and breakfast of which was not a healthy choice is causing me grief with the way I am feeling.

After many hours in the car, we made it back to Pritikin and we are both exhausted from our travels. A quick trip to the gym, perhaps some cardio to bring my level of enthusiasm back from the deep is required. All though I only managed thirty minutes on the bike, it was enough to wake me up and charge my battery and I am at last feeling better than I have all day.

Looking forward to tomorrow and getting back on track.