Day 128 – 266 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes

Packed and ready to leave for Key West, just need to get my morning cardio completed and then we are off for the weekend.

Weighing in at 266 pounds, another morning at the same weight but feeling great so it doesn’t bother me that the scale remains idle yet again. I know that with continued hard work and healthy eating the scale will lose out to me over time.

The ARC Trainer is the call of the morning, spending sixty minutes going full-out brings me to my maximum heart rate and sets the tone for my morning. I have clearly proven to myself that on days when I do not perform any exercise that those days are lethargic and of less than stellar quality. Exercise is the key to firing my engine each day and I look forward to it each day with great enthusiasm.

Breakfast is served after our morning cardio, we are off schedule but still in time for a healthy serving of oatmeal and berries. James has filled a road trip basket for our trip and passes it along to me as we say our good byes and head out the door.

The drive is remarkable, the traffic on the two lane highway is slow however the sites including the bridges we are travelling on are just as everyone had explained – breathtaking and a delight to travel and see with my own eyes.

We arrived in Key West mid afternoon and are walking around the main downtown area which is filled with tourists and tourist shops. Completely not what I had thought, perhaps Naples would have been a better destination.

Heading out for the evening, we have concluded that the area looks to be rather quaint with many shops and places to sit and relax, it just doesn’t appeal all that much to either of us. It seems to me that however beautiful it is, the tacky tourist shops selling the same t-shirts and tacky gift shop items are not what we anticipated.

Hopefully tomorrow brings something of interest to our desires or we are planning an early departure back to Miami.