Day 127 – 266 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Cardio – 60 Minutes

I am not surprised nor disappointed with my morning weigh in as the scale remains idle at 266 pounds. I would have enjoyed seeing it lower without question however this plateau seems to be normal based on the past months weight loss.

With every morning being the same, breakfast and cardio are planned and without any deviation we take our places at the breakfast table and fuel up for our morning cardio session.

It has been many weeks since I have taken my vitals and this morning my blood pressure is recorded at 110/72 and my heart rate is 67 BPM. Looking forward to seeing the Doctor this morning to see where my blood markers are compared over the last test and further more over my check in results.

We are planing a weekend getaway departing tomorrow for Key West, I have been told over and over that the drive is amazing and should not be missed. With all the suggestions on where to stay and what to do, we will leave tomorrow and spend a few days in the area and see for ourselves.

My blood markers are perfect, all of my indicators fall within the recommended parameters and from what I gather my body is in tip-top condition. This is great news, one always assumes the worst when visiting with medical and I am grateful to have been told that I am healthy and my progress to date is remarkable.

With the good news in hand, we make our way for lunch followed by a brief computer session to review hotels in the Key West area. With so many options and short notice the resorts and hotels that I am viewing are sold out, leaving me to secure what I can and not what I want.

Our afternoon cardio session commences after the lunch hour, we have opted to cancel my afternoon session with Camille for a diversion to the local shops for provisions and supplies for our road trip tomorrow.

Missing the session was likely not a great idea, it always seems to be the right thing when you decide to cancel however shortly after doing so you immediately realize that all you accomplished was cheating yourself out of the training. With that thought in my mind, it is too late to make any changes but at least I am aware of it now whereas before it would have never been a second thought.

Our afternoon was at leisure, some casual pool time and preparation for our departure tomorrow. Looking forward to a great weekend with the sights of Key West in mind.

Tomorrow is just another healthy day!