Day 126 – 266 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Cardio – 60 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes
Core – 45 Minutes

Another day is upon us here in Miami of which we are starting off like every other day. The gym is where it all starts for my morning weigh in, and the plateau appears to be continuing as I weigh in at 266 pounds. This time I am not letting it bother me, I know it will be broken with continued hard work and healthy eating.

Breakfast, oatmeal with sliced berries and grapefruit is in order before making our way to the gym for cardio. My thought process has changed over the past few weeks as I develop a liking for my morning coffee. I am fully aware that the coffee which I prepare with cream and sugar is not the healthiest choice, however I have been treating it as my daily go to reward which in all honestly is nothing more than an excuse.

Returning back to the resort, thinking that today would be a good day for a lecture with the current cloud cover. We make our way to the lecture hall and take a seat, not my favourite thing to do but I must hear what they have to say. I have not been attending the lectures like I should, however I still have time to see them all and my approach to delaying seeing them is getting old and my time here is starting to shorten.

Lunch today is all about keeping things together with absolute clean eating. We both take to the community table with large bowls of chopped salad and sliced fruit. Keeping with the program and not venturing out, lunch is more than adequate and provides complete satiety. .

Today I have scheduled Pedro and Camille in addition to my planned cardio which is going to make for a busy afternoon.

Getting started while still feeling sluggish from lunch makes the ARC Trainer performance slightly sluggish but only for a few minutes. I get myself into the groove and complete the full session all while Pedro awaits my arrival for the scheduled weight session.

Weight lifting is mind over matter and before I have a change to complain to Pedro we have already moved 20,000 pounds and we still have another thirty minutes to go. Pedro turns things up as we try to beat the 50,000 pound record set, however my body is not performing as it should and it is just not possible today.

Camille who has been sitting back watching Pedro and I slug through our session remains in her seat as I crawl my way to her in preparation for her torture to my mid section. As I remain on the floor we commence with sit ups followed by the medicine ball of which feels like a block of concrete as she throws it at me in hopes of me catching it and returning same to her in one swift movement.

Cutting her class short by fifteen minutes, there is no way I can continue on as we both laugh at my approach of constant complaints, her laughing is easy as mine hurts every muscle in my core with sheer pain.

Ready for some down time, the sky is overcast but the air is thick with warmth and humidity so I take to the oversized chairs at the Spa patio and collapse into the softness of the cushions awaiting my wifes arrival.

This evening brings us to a rapid conclusion as we attend dinner before making our way to the theatre to catch a film and call the day a complete success.