Day 123 – 266 Pounds

Cardio – 20 Minutes

Sunday morning and today we are scheduled for blood work before having breakfast.

I only managed twenty minutes of cardio today, I started to develop a sore knee with each movement and rather than push it to far, I decided to stop and take an ice cold therapy with the  Game Ready. The compression and ice system brought me relief and things appear to be back to normal, I believe the soreness was a direct result of my patella not tracking properly and with some stretching and the ice the problem is resolved.

Headed out for the day up to Boca, to enjoy the fruits of all my hard work. New purchases of smaller clothing which of course is a great feeling, I once again am very happy that I can shop at any store and purchase anything right off the rack.

The day has concluded quickly, time for dinner here at Pritikin and then perhaps a movie as we prepare for the week ahead.

I am looking forward to body measurements tomorrow, it feels as though my body has gotten smaller.

Tomorrow is just another healthy day!