Day 120 – 268 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Swim – 25 Lengths
Weights – 60 Minutes
Core – 60 Minutes
Aqua – 45 Minutes

I feel great this morning and am anxious to get upstairs to the gym and see what the scale has to say. Standing on the scale and the reading is showing 268 Pounds, I have lost another two pounds. What am I doing differently from last month when the scale was idle for so long.

Breakfast is served, fuelling up for my morning cardio session where I plan to go hard. A solid sixty minute session on the ARC Trainer followed by a visit to the lap pool for some  swim strokes. I am charged up and going the distance today, it seems rather easy as everything is just falling into place.

Lunch his afternoon is non eventful and I am in a great mood which is keeping my motivation level high. The gym awaits my afternoon session starting with Pedro where we are working our arms and with each lift, I can feel the burn and strength coming from within me.

Following the weight lifting session, Camille prepares me for a group core session on the matting. The movements are getting easier, my complaining has decreased and I am actually starting to like doing these exercises. If I focus on my core, it appears to be controlled movements which are much simpler than when I first started and once things are warmed up it seems to be just natural.

Cooling off in the pool after an epic day, waiting for the afternoon aqua class to start, this will be the perfect finish to the day.

Dinner this evening with Roman, very interesting evening which concludes with Romans suggestion that we depart Pritikin for an excursion to a true Latin Café for a specialty coffee.

Looking forward to tomorrow!