Day 119 – 270 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes
Aqua Class – 45 Minutes

I am ready for another day and my first stop is the gym for my regular weigh in. I can feel it today, I feel lighter. Indeed, the scale is at 270 Pounds and with a three-pound loss my day is set for perfection.

Breakfast of champions, oatmeal topped with fresh-cut berries, watermelon and pineapple slices and two bottles of “icy” water. I am ready for my day and I am off to the gym to get things going.

It is really warm outside, feels different from other mornings,, the humidity must be close to 100 percent as the windows are covered in condensation. I am noticing my progress of being fitter, everything just seems to be easier from walking, sitting, moving, just being myself and I love the feeling, it’s no longer a struggle or effort.

Sitting out at the pool taking in this great weather with a big smile on my face, a clear indication that things are going the right way. Lunch is being served and I am delaying my arrival for half an hour so I can spend a bit more time at the pool.

The afternoon weight session today is all about shoulders, we are working this single muscle for the entire session and I can feel it growing with each burning lift. Ready for the afternoon aqua class, it has been sometime I have been in the class however being that we are done weights and the class is starting, I jump right it. As usual, making big waves and working my hardest, the maximum amount of output only offers the maximum amount of energy burned which means more loss.

It is now after dinner, no plans for going anywhere this evening, just catching up on laundry and organizing my closets and reviewing the courier package which was just received with my court side tickets to the upcoming Sony Open.

Anxious for tomorrows scale reading!