Day 118 – 273 Pounds

Cardio – 120 Minutes
Swimming – 25 Lengths
Weights – 60 Minutes
Core – 30 Minutes

Breakfast is served, oatmeal with a grapefruit, pineapple and watermelon, the breakfast of champions and James is bringing me my meal from the back as I am the first to arrive and the buffet table is not even set up yet nor has the sun risen.

With breakfast finished shortly after 6:00 AM and the gym just opened for the day, I make my way in and directly over to the scale. The reading remains 273 pounds, I was thinking that it would have been lower, it feels like it should be lower but regardless of what it shows the ARC Trainer awaits me.

A great workout this morning, perhaps because it is so early or perhaps because my energy levels are peeking and I am wanting more. I pushed through sixty minutes with ease, the time flew past and with it being so early and my level of motivation being so high, I have elected to another round.

I am all finished with morning cardio, it is still early and with the sky filled with clouds I can either swim some laps or go to the morning lecture. Swimming is the call, the lap pool is quiet with no in sight and length after length the exercise continues.

Lunch has finally arrived, I am ready for fuel, my morning feels like it has been two days and looking back at my activity for the morning, I am thrilled with my performance.

Weight lifting with Scott today, Pedro is off for the day and today we are focusing on triceps and biceps, a great session nothing overly heavy but just solid. I invited Eric who was in the gym to join us on the weight circuit, good to see another guest get involved and I am certain that he will be feeling some pain tomorrow with all the lifting.

Core time, Camille is reminding me just in case I forgot and being that I did not forget although I would have liked to, Camille breaks me apart with floor exercises. I am the first to admit that today was too much, I have nothing left and laying on the floor doing core exercises only makes me want to rollover and take a nap.

Dinner tonight at the table, conversation of the day is a repeat once again and I love hearing from the new arrivals about how great they feel just after one or two days. Rick comes back from Canada tomorrow, looking forward to seeing him and the best part my wife arrives on Saturday so my attitude is very positive going forward.

That’s all for today, it is only 9:39 PM and I am ready for a good night sleep!