Day 116 – 273 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes

Sunday morning, not my favourite day of the week as things get really quite. Transition day is here and the new guests are arriving and old guests departing. We are gearing up for a repeat of every other week and I look forward to seeing what the week will be like.

The gym is empty this morning, I am the only one in the room other than a few staff members who are all preparing for the week ahead. My morning cardio is solo, kind of strange to be in such a large room and being the only one here however I am anxious to get things going and  commence my task as usual.

Breakfast this morning is nothing more than some sliced fruit and a couple of bananas on the patio of the Spa building. The morning sun and fresh breeze is wonderful, the view of the golf course and the morning golfers brings me to thinking that it is time to start golfing again.

Walking back to the Villa to get changed, I have decided that I will drive up to Boca for the afternoon, perhaps lunch with my nephew and some shopping at the Towne Centre Mall.

A great afternoon, shopping and lunch all comes to an end with the drive back to Pritikin for dinner. It is looking like things are going to conclude early for me this evening, my choices are dinner here or another outing for Sushi and a movie at Dolphin Mall.

Tomorrow will be another healthy day!