Day 115 – 273 Pounds

Cardio – 45 Minutes

Saturday morning has arrived and todays plan is for some beach time and another jog along the shores of the Beach.

Stopping in at the gym for some morning wake up cardio and my usual weigh in, the scale surprises me with a single pound loss of which I gladly take as a reward to this weeks hard work. I am missing breakfast or better yet delaying it, my plan is to get the cardio session completed and then head off to Starbucks for a coffee and bowl of oatmeal.

Cardio is short this morning, just forty-five minutes however it was a tough session with maximum impact. I wound up the resistance to its maximum and gave it everything I had and the end result is feeling pretty good. Starbucks is in order and I am off to sit outside on the patio and enjoy my morning breakfast.

In preparation for the beach, I am getting my pack ready with everything required for day on the beach including my run and to go lunch from the kitchen. With everything ready my departure is scheduled and I am anxious to arrive and get the day going.

Heading towards South Beach with the same plan as last time, I will park the car at North Beach and take my jog along the shore down to South Beach before setting up my chair. If I don’t feel that I can make it back on foot I will rent a bike or take a taxi back.

The run is fantastic, the cool Ocean breeze is fresh and the sun is blistering down making it most enjoyable. The run concludes at South Beach and with having made it all the way with ease, I am returning on foot and don’t feel that it will be a problem as I seem to be on cruise control.

My return to North Beach included a walk and jog pattern, I am indeed ready for some rest and relaxation. Setting up my chair on the beach, the only thing missing is some beach service but that is not an option today.

The day is ending and I am feeling like I just ran a marathon. Stiff legs and feeling a bit dehydrated, likely from the sun and not enough water it is time to depart. My return trip to Pritikin ends up having a slight detour, I was in the need of something cold and a frosty from the drive thru at Wendy’s was my decision. Rather than being upset with making a poor choice, I treated it like a reward for an epic day and I feel good about my decision regardless of it being a poor one.

Spending the evening at leisure, thoughts of going out are present however it is my decision in the end just to take it easy and sit back and enjoy the balance of the evening.