Day 114 – 274 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Core – 60 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes

I am feeling good this morning with no stiffness or sciatic pain. Yesterday was overwhelming and perhaps the download day gave my body the rest it needed to recover.

I have missed breakfast this morning and have decided to go directly to the gym for my morning cardio session. The scale remains the same at 274 pounds and I am starting to realize that my weight loss has slowed and the trend is plateau followed by further loss. Rather than getting discouraged with the scale, just as Scott has always suggested, I am more focused on keeping things real and taking every day for just another healthy day.

Core exercises on the floor with Camille, not my favourite exercise grouping but this is the start of our new four-day a week program. I am looking forward to building my foundation of abdominal strength and the exercises to do that are without question difficult.

Lunch time is here and with missing breakfast today, I am indeed needing some fuel. A big bowl salad filled to the rim with every vegetable on the line up, chopped and looking healthy.

This afternoon I am scheduled with Pedro for a weight lifting session. I am planning to keep things limited to a gentle session, I don’t want to go heavy today. I am thinking that any heavy lifting may trigger the sciatica and in no way can I handle another day like yesterday. With Pedro in check, we run the full hour working the muscle groups along with stretching.

With the afternoon nearly over I find myself at the pool with thoughts of doing some swimming. The pool is busy with guests swimming which would make lengths difficult and with the lap pool closed for maintenance just sitting back and taking the balance of day to myself is my call.

Dinner is as usual with the same people at the same table, conversation and topics are virtually the same every night and my attention span is short. I am not interested in staying any longer, I have excused myself from the table and am driving over to Dolphin Mall to just walk around and finish off the evening.

Rather early, perhaps a movie or tv show would be best.