Day 113 – 274 Pounds

Cardio – 45 Minutes

This morning has brought me to the gym, however not to exercise but only to try to release the my sciatic pain I am having with some cold compression on the Game Ready.

It has been months since my sciatic was this bad, my right hip feels inflamed and the pain is immense with each step I take. The Game Ready is offering some relief however not enough to allow me to exercise just yet.

With my entire morning spent in the gym on the floor and on the massage table attached to the cold compression system it is time to get up and try to loosen my right side. I managed to complete a brief 45 minute session on the ARC trainer at a very low-speed with no resistance.

Lunch today was a challenge, I had to eat standing up as it was not possible to sit down with the discomfort. Feeling lethargic from the lack of exercise and bouts of pain I am in no mood to do much of anything other than go outside and try to relax at the pool.

I have set up a lounge chair with a pile of cushions and towels, trying to absorb the firmness of the chair so I can get comfortable. Spending the afternoon at the pool, I did discover that floating in the deep end with a noodle actually removes the pressure from my hip and releases the stress of pain. The problem is, one can only stay in the pool for so long.

The day is over at last, it was a tough day filled with soreness. Perhaps this day will be beneficial, I needed a download day to allow my body some time to recover.

I am looking forward to getting a good sleep, I don’t want another day like today.