Day 112 – 274 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes

It has turned out to be a late start this morning albeit I woke up at 5:30 AM.

With out question my first stop is in the gym for a morning weigh in, I want to be certain that the scale was true yesterday, after such a long run with no movement some certainty is required just for my own assurance. 274 pounds is the reading and a sense of relief is all I need to get my day going.

Breakfast is served, oatmeal with fresh fruit and the sourest grapefruit in the world. I am ready for my morning cardio and although it is just after 9:00 AM the day feels primed for excellence.

Cardio on the ARC Trainer, strange feeling as it has been a few days since using an elliptical but with just a few minutes of striding things fall into place and I am on track for an epic workout.

Feeling like a coffee but still hyper ventilating from the session, I cool off in the gym with a mild walk on the treadmill before heading towards Starbucks. With thoughts of returning for some more exercise, I point the car towards the Turnpike and make my way North to Sawgrass with the intent of going to the Nike Outlet store.

Running late for lunch, I return to Pritikin with just enough time for a quick meal before Pedro’s scheduled weight session. Being slightly late puts Pedro in search mode and he finds me sitting at the lunch table. As he beckons my attendance, I slowly get up and chase him into the gym. I have not lifted in a while, todays chest workout has reminded me that soreness is part of being fit and my chest cavity is feeling the soreness as I spread my arms apart.

This evenings dinner is at my regular table with Robert, we are introduced to Bob Costas and his wife. As always it is interesting to hear about other guests opinions of the program and just how great they are feeling. The day has gone quick, I excuse myself from the table and return to the villa for the evening.

I am feeling great and am really noticing a difference with my body and mindset. I am looking forward to tomorrow where the day will be filled with exercise and healthy choices.