Day 109

Our last day in paradise and I am taking it all in without losing a moment of time.

Our morning starts out in the pool just outside the master suite, the view is amazing and the morning air is fresher than you could ever imagine. I will surely miss this place and don’t want to leave, in reality I still have a long mission ahead of me before returning to my new healthy lifestyle at home at that it my priority.

This morning exercise plan is to run from the Estate to the gym and meet up with the trainer for another Island morning exercise session. Sadly, we never made the run to the gym but opted for a ride to the gym in the golf car where we were met with open arms and a gruelling morning workout for ninety minutes.

With today being the last day we are spending it at the pool or beach. The sun is relentless, it burns strong and my skin is as bronzed as it can get. I have been taking in so much sun for the past three months that I am starting to feel baked but it gives me energy and with a fully charged battery I am ready for more each day.

I have finally got the courage to attempt a jump from the edge of the infinity pool down into the diving pool. As I stand on the edge my thoughts are that is will be fun, however in reality there is no way that I can do it. What appears to be a gigantic drop is not more than ten or fifteen feet but the best I can do is stand upon the ledge and think about jumping, it just won’t happen albeit I want to give it a try.

Our afternoon takes us back the beach, being in a resort environment is great however we have done everything that there is to do here and without having a car or a planned itinerary we have no motivation to leave the resort and venture onto the Island. That is likely just an excuse, surely we could just do it but we have chosen to remain for the balance of day and make the best of our time just hanging out.

Tomorrow will bring us back to Pritikin, I am anxious to continue on with the journey and break this weight plateau that has been with me for almost a month. When you sit back and think about my progress, even though the results have been fantastic, the scale is not moving and that plays a huge role in my thought process. It feels as if the last month has been a complete waste of time, I am aware that I continue to improve on my physical condition and that my body shape continues to change but the simple fact is the scale remains the same and that is devastating.

I am closing in on two-thirds completion of my journey, my return tomorrow needs to mark the last segment with complete diligence to achieve the finish line with the results I set out at the start. The best thing I can say here is, I am on my way and I took what was required to start and with that being said I feel great!

Tomorrow is just another healthy day.