Day 108

Another amazing day here in the Islands!

What a life, waking up whenever you want, having nothing planned other than relaxation and not a worry in the world. I am so relaxed and feel so healthy that words alone can not describe it.

Back to reality, time to get up and get the engine running. The morning sky is clear and the view of the Piton Mountains is amazing as I sit back and enjoy a morning coffee on the terrace of the master suite which includes its own infinity pool overlooking the lush vegetation and Sea.

Breakfast for myself this morning is some type of oatmeal, not the greatest but the fruit is overly fresh and one could survive on just that alone.

A quick trip down the road to the gym where my trainer awaits my arrival and today we are doing more core exercises of which are my least favourite. The music is loud and the instructions are direct, no chance of any complaining with this guy, he is not interested in my tactics and demands performance.

The walk back to the Estate would be a workout in itself, thinking about doing it however the luxury of having my own personal valet at my disposal is overwhelming. It would be rude if I did not take the cart back to the Estate, he has been waiting for me for the past hour and out of respect, I take the ride back to meet up with my wife.

Morning sun, morning pool, morning whatever, it is the best. Sitting back and still trying to take everything in, this place is amazing and the day is still young. Lunch today is at Sea level, sitting in a wonderful spot along the beach enjoying the Island favourites and watching the gentle waves break on the beach.

Absolute paradise, not sure if I ever want to return back to reality, what would it be like to live here is the question of the day.

The evening sunset is amazing, the view from the terrace is prime, it just takes what appears to be moments and the sun has set for the evening and within five minutes the sky is dark. It is if someone just turned the lights off.

A quick summation of the day is nothing more than waking up, enjoying the sunrise, working out, pool lounging, beach time, lunch on the Sea, pool lounging, sunset, dinner and tomorrow is going to be yet just another healthy day!