Day 107

Waking up with a view of the Piton Mountains and the brilliant blue Sea in the horizon is remarkable.

The weather is fantastic, the sun is bright and the birds are chirping in unison, the smell of floral is abundant and the morning is upon us. Breakfast is served on the living room terrace, the chef has prepared plates of fresh fruits and egg white omelette filled with vegetables.

Raymond, the house manager is driving us down to the gym this morning. On our arrival to the gym, we are greeted at the door by a trainer who will be overseeing the morning workout.  I was anticipating doing cardio exercise on one of the machines, however he has planned something very different for me and his session is gruelling and exhausting. A solid sixty minutes of floor exercises and my core is burning.

With our workout complete, we are now being driven back to the Estate where we have plans to hang out at the pool and taking everything in.

After a short rest we have decided to take an excursion by watercraft to the nearby Village. The boat ride over was rather interesting, I had the feeling of being a castaway as we motored along the shore line in a small motor boat and after a short ride we finally arrived to the village marina which consisted of an old wooden dock. The Captain of the watercraft was kind enough to have one of his brothers meet us at the dock and walk us around the village.

At last, we have returned from the village and are ready for our Chef prepared lunch. A mixed selection of salads and very fresh fish prepared in many interesting ways. Not being certain of the ingredients, I am careful to select to much of anything.

Sitting on the beach taking in the views, snorkelling comes to mind. As we prepare ourselves for entering the water, we hesitate as the wash from the tide has brought in a layer of what appears to be seaweed. Diving under the top layer we make our way out within the bay and discover many different species of sea life. Not our thing, we return rapidly and continue our afternoon on the beach and at last I am on a beach with full service and attention of the very impressive staff catering to our every need.

With the evening sunset approaching, we take to the terrace and enjoy the wine sprirtzer’s prepared by the house staff. Dinner this evening is not far from the resort and we look forward to spending our time enjoying the Island’s festive evening with live music and dancing.

A great day to say the least.