Day 106 – 278 Pounds

An epic morning is underway with my wife now here and plans for departure to St. Lucia in a few hours.

First things first, the scale awaits me in the gym, I want to see if perhaps there will be any change in my weight. Not today, I remain steady at 278 pounds and with that being said, I am off to the airport.

Breakfast is a must before we depart and being served today is the usual bowl of oatmeal and side plates of various fruits. I am packing up a take away bag filled with apples, bananas and oranges, just need to sure I will have something with me during my travels, I don’t want to fall victim to hunger before we arrive and I am certain that trying to find something of a good choice on the Island on my arrival will be next to impossible.

We are off, the flight was great, the scenery flying over the ocean was remarkable with enormous islands of white sand and vivid blue Caribbean water which was a sight to be seen.

Our arrival into St. Lucia brings perfect weather with clear blue skies and a warm tropical breeze. We are greeted on the tarmac and whisked away by private motor coach directly to the Viceroy Hotel on Sugar Beach, perched right on the beach in the Piton Mountains.

The resort is awesome and this is looking to be an epic few days in paradise. I am told that the villa we had arranged was next door to a private home under construction and management felt it would be best that we take an alternate villa. They have suggested a private home which is just outside the resort but still part of the resort and called Arc en Ciel.

Once again we are being whisked away only this time on a golf cart which is touring us through the hotel property along winding pathways to the house. As we pass the resort pool and beach my head is turning in every direction as I am in awe with the property and its lush surroundings. We reach a gravel road which is gated, wondering where we are going, the driver points upwards towards the home perched high up on the mountain. My concern about its location being off the resort property came to an end once we pulled up to the stone driveway of the Estate. The panoramic views of the Piton Mountains and Sea are remarkable and a sight to be seen.

The Estate is magnificent, we are greeted by the house manager Raymond and his staff, they will be looking after us and welcome us with hugs and smiles, we are being treated like royalty or perhaps the first people they have seen in months. Raymond tours us through out the property the house is awesome and contains numerous bedrooms, wrap around terraces and every amenity you could imagine including two infinity pools, the first rather large with a diving tower off the side into a deep well pool and another pool which is very private just off the master suite.

The staff have arranged everything on our behalf including the unpacking of our luggage. The chef and the kitchen staff have filled the kitchen with exotic fruits and very healthy selections of gourmet foods. The chef is requesting me to provide him grocery list of my favourite foods so he can be prepared for my ordering should we want to stay within the Estate for any meals.

Enough of the touring, time to relax and take this all in, sitting at the pool in absolute shock with my surroundings, this is going to be great without question and I am so excited to be here.