Day 105 – 278 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes

Surprised with yet another morning and the scale still sitting at 278 Pounds.

My wife arrives tonight at 12:25 AM and unlike the last time that I picked her up that late, I am not falling victim to the late night drive thru. Breakfast this morning is the featured oatmeal with freshly sliced fruit and berries along with a few bananas for in between meals should it be required.

I am finding that my cardio sessions are getting easy, the effort required to complete a session is not as great as it was when I started. Obviously, my physical condition has improved and with the reduced weight, I am no longer needing to move as much mass. It is now time for me to increase my work load and increase the length of my sessions by way of incorporating different exercises into each active session.

The current weight plateau which has been with me for weeks is frustrating however it must be overlooked as part of the progress towards the overall goal. It is very evident that my body shape is continually changing, I am aware that muscle weighs more than fat and I can see both the growth in my physique and reduction in my girth.The scale is just a number, it does not take into effect my body composition.

Mid morning has arrived, I am off to get supplies for our upcoming trip to the Islands. We are leaving for St. Lucia and before my wife arrives it would be best to get everything in order so we don’t have to spend our time doing errands on her arrival.

Weight lifting is described as the key to increasing metabolism and today the pleasure of lifting 33,450 pounds of iron in sixty minutes is both gruelling and exhilarating. My arms are pumped up and my heart rate is racing, I am not sure if today’s gross lift was a record but the session was insane and I am loving it. To be honest, the feeling I get after one of these epic sessions is priceless, being pumped up is a feeling I could live with all day.

This afternoon I have a few options such as attending a lecture, swimming, more cardio or aqua class. Sitting outside on the veranda of the Spa building looking at the pool which is sparkling with an invite for my attendance, I take the short walk and take a seat on a lounge chair. The thought of just sitting back and taking it all in as my body recovers from the weight lifting is appealing however with all the people walking around looking at the golf tournament displays, the ambience is anything but relaxing. The resort is the busiest I have seen it and the Trump helicopter is continually landing and taking off on the half hour with golfers.

Back in the villa making final preparations for our departure, I am packed and ready for the trip, I just need to wait for my wife to arrive so we can get out of here and leave this mass gathering of golf enthusiasts.

Tomorrow can’t come soon enough.