Day 104 – 278 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Swim – 25 Lengths
Core – 45 Minutes

6:30 AM and the good news is my sciatic pain which has been with me for months is completely absent this morning.

The walk through the hallway to the gym feels different with virtually no pain at all. This is a great feeling, just walking without that soreness or limp, everyday normal steps which now feel awkward.

The scale doesn’t give way to anything I want to see, the number still remains at 278 pounds and the days continue to roll on with no movement.

Breakfast this morning is comfortable, no need to shuffle around in my chair to get comfortable with no discomfort in my hip. Oatmeal with mixed berries and fruit salad make for the perfect morning and I am ready to visit the gym.

Cardio with no stiffness is new, no real need to go through all the pre movement exercises to just get going. I am taking this as a giant leap forward and am ready to tackle the ARC Trainer. Working out very hard, making the most of each stride with maximum resistance and speed while listening to the music which is blaring in the background as the instructor provides motivation and instruction to the guests.

The sky is a brilliant blue, the sun is shinning down on the pool with a very bright reflection off the water and it looks rather enticing. I am driving over to Starbucks for a morning coffee then on my return I am making my way directly to the pool for some swim lengths.

Sitting here at the pool, relaxing after twenty-five lengths all while thinking about going out for lunch today. The desire is strong, I just feel like getting out and away from everything but I know that I need to stay here and continue fighting the scale. The way I am seeing it, if I go out and make a poor choice, I will regret it all day and in the end will just be further hampered with why I made that choice. It is best for me to stay here and have a healthy lunch and continue on with further exercise and perhaps a lecture.

Lunch is served and my first thought is that I should have went out for lunch. The salad bar just does not appeal to me at the moment and the hot buffet lunch is not doing anything to make it easier. Fighting my desire to leave, I just sit down and eat what is before me and make the best of it. Once my lunch was completed, I proved to myself that regardless of what my head is thinking, I just need to eat the fuel that my body needs as it provides me the energy I need to continue on with my program. Amazing enough is that just after a few minutes of eating, I am fully satisfied and food is no longer in my thought process.

Time for that dreaded core exercise of which I have not been doing for weeks and the proof is evident with my first motion. The pain is immense, my core is weak and my constant complaining does nothing to stop the pain but only aggravates Camille. I must get back on the core train, the core is my foundation and that foundation needs to be poured without question.

I have returned back to the pool for some more sunshine, I am just having a lazy afternoon albeit with lots of exercise. Sitting down in the lounge chair, I can feel how sore my core muscles are, they are giving me a very clear indicator that they just got worked over and they are not happy. I giggle to myself in pain as I hold my mid section tight as I lean back into the chair.

The resort is overly busy with golfers right now whom are arriving for the Cadillac Golf Tournament which is about to start. The tourists are everywhere, security has fence lines up and passage is restricted unless you have a pass to see the event. The helicopters keep coming and going with drop offs and the buzz around the entire facility in my opinion is disturbing which makes thing uncomfortable.

The trip I am planning with my wife is now starting to make more sense, it will likely be a good thing to be away from the resort during this tournament. Everything here is changing so quickly in preparation for the big day and I am glad that I won’t be here for it, decision has been made to depart for the Islands.