Day 103 – 278 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes

The scale still sits at 278 Pounds and just won’t move!

Body measurements are up next, I am asking Scott to take them before I have breakfast in hopes they will shed some light on what my body is doing.

Right Calf Right Thigh Glute Waist Chest Right Forearm Right Bicep Weight
Start 17.50 24.50 57.50 60.00 57.50 14.00 17.00 346.00
Week # 14 15 22 48.5 49.5 48 12 14 278.00
Total Loss -2.50 -2.50 -9.00 -10.50 -9.50 -2.00 -3.00 -68.00

This is awesome, even though the scale refuses to move my measurements over last week show reduction. I am down .05″ in my Right Calf, 1.5″ in my Glute, .05″ in my waist, .05″ in my Chest and 1.0″ in my Right Bicep.

With the good news on my body measurements, breakfast is now in order followed by a sixty minute cardio session.

The sun is back out today, the air is still cold but the sun is strong and I find myself sitting at the pool looking over my measurements making comparisons since day one.

Lunch with Robert today and it is great to have someone around, it makes the day just feel so much better. After lunch I was planning on doing more cardio however when I arrived in to the gym I found myself going directly to the weights for a lifting session. Again, not sure why but I just don’t seem to have the enthusiasm I was having a few weeks ago but still managed a great sixty minutes working my biceps and triceps.

Looking good in the mirror, as I take a selfie. I am really noticing a change in my body however that dreaded number I see on the scale every day is really messing with my head and that is why Scott keeps telling me to stop weighing in every morning.

Back to the pool, I find myself sitting out in the sun for just a short while before heading back to the villa. My wife arrives in a few days for a week and I have decided that we are going to take a quick trip to the Islands and I want to check on hotel availability.

Dinner was fun, the table conversations were just as I had assumed, once again how great everyone is feeling and what an amazing program this is.

Back in the villa researching where to go once my wife arrives, then I realize this is not a holiday and I should not be making arrangements to go anywhere.

That’s all, very excited!