Day 102 – 278 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Cardio – 60, Minutes
Weights – 45 Minutes

A rough sleep last night, wondering if the Pizza was the cause?

Cardio this morning is difficult, my legs are sore from yesterdays beach run and I feel that  today should be my download day.

It is winter here again, yesterday was so nice and now the wind is blowing from the North and the temparture is back to the mid 50’s at best. The cold weather is going to make for a long day, I will need to find something to do to occupy my time.

The new arrivals are here and the buzz is again commencing, I was told that Sandy’s brother would be arriving today and I am looking forward to meeting him.

Mid morning and the rain is coming down which means my options are limited for being outside. Today would be a great day for attending the lectures however nothing is scheduled so I am looking for something else to do with my time.

At last, Sandy’s brother Robert has arrived and I am glad to have met him, it feels like we already know each other and the comforts of having someone here is great. We have made arrangements for dinner this evening.

The afternoon is rather quiet, I spent most of the day in the gym working out, both cardio and weights even though I still remain sore and now stiff. With more time left on the clock and still looking for something to do, I walked over to the resorts main lobby to view a new display just set up. The chopper motor cycle is made just for Donald Trump and is well worth seeing. I would like to see the Donald take it for a spin on the golf course, very cool bike.

Dinner with Robert and a few other new arrivals, Robert has been coming back to Pritikin each year for some time and just as Sandy, he knows almost everyone including other guests whom are returning which makes for constant introductions.

Back in my villa for the evening, feeling like I still need to do something as it is way to early for sleeping, I am taking a trip over to The Dolphin Mall for a walk around.

Tomorrow is just another healthy day!