Day 101 – 278 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes

Saturday and the weekend is here, time seems to be going so fast all of a sudden.

The scale remains the same for the eleventh consecutive day and I am starting my morning off in the gym rather than at the breakfast table. I don’t feel like eating yet, perhaps the thought of the scale is triggering a loss of appetite.

The gym is quiet, the weekly exodus commences and just like every Saturday new arrivals are flooding the lobby checking in and looking forward to starting the program tomorrow morning. My workout on the ARC Trainer is good but not great,  I am just not in the right head space and its likely because I failed to fuel up before starting.

I am excited to get going, my plans for today are to spend the day at the beach. The sun is out and the temperature has finally returned to normal and I am looking forward to getting there. Today I am going to run along the shore line for what I hope will be an epic run from North Beach to South Beach.

As my intention is to run along the shore line, I am not setting up with any beach gear with the thought of leaving it all in the car until I return to the start point. If the run goes well, I am going to try to return to North Beach on foot or worse case take a taxi back and then set up my chair to enjoy the balance of the day.

The run was remarkable, I made it all the way to South Beach with a constant jog both along the boardwalk and the shore line. I did not have the energy to run back to my starting point as the sun was relentless and rather than over exerting myself trying to make it on foot, I rented a bicycle and peddled back. The balance of my day was spent sitting on the beach, swimming in the ocean and just hanging out in total relaxation.

Back at Pritikin after a long day, my choices this evening are to have dinner here which I prefer not doing on Saturday’s or go out. The choice is easy, with that being said I am on my way out. Stopping for dinner at Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza with the thought of a large family style salad, a great healthy choice. Ordering the salad as I always do, the waitress welcomes me as the Salad Guy, I suppose I have left my mark on this place ordering the same thing every time. The smell of fresh pizza is overwhelming, I was not going to fall victim to the smell but ended up making a special order as it seemed fitting for the end of my epic day and it being the weekend.

My salad arrives of which I throughly enjoyed, knowing the pizza I ordered was up next I asked the waitress if she would kindly bring only two slices of the pizza from the kitchen. She looked at me with a look of complete confusion and asked why. My answer was simple, I came for salad of which I just had and it was fantastic, I just want two pieces of pizza and if you bring me the whole pizza I may be tempted to eat more than I should.

I depart the restaurant in complete satisfaction, I am feeling pretty good about my choice and do realize those pizza slices I consumed contained high levels of sodium and fat but I restricted myself with only two slices rather than the whole pizza and feel completely satisfied with my decision and fullness.

I feel good and that is what is important!