Day 100 – 278 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Cardio – 60 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes
Aqua – 45 Minutes

The scale remains at 278 pounds which is frustrating to say the least. It has been ten days since the scale has moved which is alarming even with my side trip back home where I was very mindful of my eating and exercise.

Scott is advising me that I have hit a plateau and my concerns should not be on the scale but more so my continued good eating and daily exercise. He assures me that my progress to date with losing 68 pounds is remarkable and ten days of idle weight is not important overall. Regardless of his words of wisdom, I need to see results as those results fuel my motivation levels.

Starting this morning with breakfast, changing things up to the famous egg white omelette prepared by James and what they describe as toast albeit it has no resemblance to bread. I am taking things in stride this morning while I continue to ponder on Scotts words of wisdom.

I am planning on having the guru of fitness sessions today and start off with a sixty minute run on the treadmill. Rather than move the elevation up and down, I have selected a speed of 4.2 mph on a level elevation with the intent of having a long gentle run.

Deviating from my regular schedule of having pool time after cardio, the weather doesn’t appear that great so I am tackling the weight room early. Doing sixty minutes on the free weight circuit, I am working my back and arms accordingly with precision movements making sure the range of motion is full and accurate.

Big bowl salad with a few side plates of fruit and a great conversation with the Nutritionist at the table. We are planning a few sessions to discuss my progress and how I can tweak things to possibly work in my favour based on my activity level and goals.

Another gym session is in order this afternoon, starting off with cardio and a mix between the upright bike and ARC Trainer, sixty minutes total logged with thirty on each machine and I am feeling rather satisfied with todays level of exercise.

Keeping with the momentum of the day, aqua class should be a pleasant end to the days activities. The class is rather busy today, lots of circular arm motion and wave activity with most of the attendees getting splashed by my constant barrage of pushing the limits in the water under the instruction of Ivan.

Down time on my lanai waiting for the sun to set and I am once again treated to Donald Trump arriving by helicopter landing just outside my villa before being whisked away in a golf cart to oversee the preparations for the golf tournament next week.

Dinner this evening is what appears to be a whole new experience. It has been a while since I have had dinner at the community table and not knowing anyone here this week, the table is the best choice to meet some new people. Once again the dinner conversation is all about how great everyone is feeling just after a few days and then conversation moves to buzz talk about some guy who has been here for months. Wondering who this person is, I take it upon myself to ask the group, no one really knows and with that being the case I remain quiet.

Tomorrow will be another healthy day!