Day 99 – 278 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Cardio – 60 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes
Aqua – 45 Minutes

My first full day back and the first thing I need to do is weigh in to see where things stand. I was afraid to look at the result, it has been a few days and to my disbelief the scale remains the same which is good thing as I was thinking it would have gone up.

With my recent reduced exercise sessions over the past week along with my absence from a very clean diet, I was expecting to have gained a few pounds. With the scale remaining idle it is clear to me that my metabolism is working in my favour, with the continued daily exercise along with a semi clean diet, I can maintain my weight at its new level.

I still want to lose another fifty pounds, this is going to take further commitment and hard work. I truly believe that once I reach my goal weight, I will be able to maintain it with continued dedication to both exercise and a healthy diet. In reality this is nothing more than a healthy lifestyle, which is what I want.

It is freezing here today, perhaps I brought the cold weather back with me. I was looking forward to having warm weather after being at home in the cold, today the wind is blowing from the North and the temperature is just above 50 degrees.

Sitting down for breakfast this morning speaking with James who is explaining to me how he makes the oatmeal each day. I was explaining to him that the oatmeal I made at home had the consistency of wallpaper paste. I admit that having breakfast ready-made is a wonderful thing and I have helped myself to a bowl of fresh oatmeal and sliced fruits which actually have taste unlike the fruit at home which is like cardboard.

The ARC Trainer is my first stop in the gym, it has been a few days and I have once again realized how much I missed this workout. Sixty minutes of striding and feeling great both mind and body which means I am fueled up and ready for more.

Next week the resort is host to the Cadillac Golf Championship and I can see the conversion of the entire resort taking place all around me. The parking lot is full of brand new Cadillac’s which is amazing, it looks like a new car lot and I am told the cars will be used for player transport and give aways.

Lunch is still an hour away, it is too cold to sit at the pool so the only logical thing is to go back to the gym. Round two, earlier than normal but worthy of its cause as the treadmill starts up with a brisk walk with interval elevation changes every other minute. My heart rate reaches its maximum and my workout is going well. I recall that when I was back at home in the gym, my blood pressure was elevated for no apparent reason and my Doctor suggested that it was a direct result in the change of elevation.

Taking a few minutes to bring myself back to a resting heart rate, I ask Scott to administer my vitals. Sure enough the reading is not only normal, it is below normal with a reading of 110/74 which I consider perfect. The change of elevation must have been the primary reason for the variance in readings.

My afternoon is open after lunch as I completed my second hour of cardio before lunch. This leaves me with either attending a lecture or the afternoon aqua class, neither of which I have done recently and now is a good time to get started.

Attending this afternoons lecture almost happened, I was at the door and just as it was to start I decided not to attend. Not sure why, I just did not feel like sitting down and spending an hour in the classroom.

The aqua class does not start for a couple of hours so once again I find myself back in the gym doing a free weight session. Pedro is not scheduled today so I am on my own and with that not being a big concern, I make my way around the circuit completing three sets of twelve reps on each machine.

I have now spent three hours of my day in the gym and have had the perfect day with regard to exercise and food choices. I feel good, my energy level is high and I am feeling motivated for more. Aqua class is starting shortly and with a quick change to my swim wear I am in the pool preparing for one of Ivan’s classes.

The aqua class today had a low attendance but Ivan and I made the best of it by doing a full session of his regular class one on one. It was kind of strange being the only person in the class however the workout was intense as I was drilled with exercises.

My day is completed, just under four hours of exercise and I am ready to relax before dinner and perhaps and early evening in preparation of another healthy day tomorrow.