Day 98

I have arrived back in Miami, the view on final approach of Miami Beach looks so great but the rush of warm humid air which envelops the cabin when the door opens says it all.

Upon my arrival to Pritikin the welcome back ceremony began with the valet right through the entire resort. Everyone is so happy to see me back, it appears that they really missed me  and that makes me feel like a fixture here, perhaps I have been here to long.

It has been a long day of travel and with the time change the day is over. I have not had any real food other than breakfast along with the fruit I packed in my bag. It is past the dinner hour and with the need for fuel, I am in need of going back out to find something to eat. This is the exact situation I wanted to avoid, not eating all day and then in a panic to fuel up because of hunger and lack of energy.

Trying to stay away from any binge food choices, I drive to the mall and settle for sushi which  at first does not appeal to me and I am certain it won’t satisfy me. It is just a matter of time, ten minutes at most until I start to feel better and convince myself that I am satisfied and no longer require anything else.

Driving back to Pritikin and I am feeling much better, I again realize that control and discipline are part and parcel of this new life style. I could have just as easily given into my hunger and made a bad choice at any one of the fast food establishments on the way to the mall. I held my ground and satisfied my need with a choice that was both healthy and filling.

The day is over, a long one indeed and as I prepare myself for tomorrow I am glad to be back and am more than ready to take on the second half of my journey. At the same time, I am feeling a sense of loneliness and I am missing my family very much.

Tomorrow is going to be an epic day!